Episode 114: The McConaughey Solution

This episode contains: Definitions for Steven, lots of nothing, Witcher 3, No Mans Sky, 18 quintillion planets, survival exploration, gobbledygook is racist, mixing colors

We are all gonna die: We are using all of our resources too fast, ecological debt day, Steven reads his article, Steven does not have excel, too many people, Dazed and Confused, transmuting matter, we’re screwed


Bullsh*t Pseudoscience: Steven hates the country, green pools, cupping, making fun of friends, octopus attacks, ancient Chinese medicine, placebo effect, uncited sources, “my own personal what do you call them”, cupping pictures, bad cupping


Movies and Theatre: Lobster review, Devon likes weird movies, 2 out of 5 stars, In Bruges, yelling at midgets, Harry Potter characters, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child spoilers, talking to Periscope


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