Episode 263: Dark Implications

This episode contains: We’re recording on Labor Day! We figure out what the day is for. Steven gets some new LEGO. Devon saw Ready or Not. We then talk  about science.

Itty Bitty Critters: Scorpion toxin that targets ‘wasabi receptor’ may help solve mystery of chronic pain. “Researchers have discovered a scorpion toxin that targets the ‘wasabi receptor,’ a chemical-sensing protein found in nerve cells that’s responsible for the sinus-jolting sting of wasabi. Because the toxin triggers a pain response, scientists think it can be used as a tool for studying chronic pain and inflammation, and may eventually lead to the development of new kinds of non-opioid pain relievers.”


Self-Improvement: The 10,000 hour rule has been debunked, again. Practice does help improve performance, but the elite performers haven’t necessarily practiced more than the good performs.


Sci-Fi: We look at some declassified documents that have some dark implications. Devon is watching Mind Hunter on Netflix. We read the speech for if the moon landing had failed. Some scientist have put electrodes in animals brain to control them, it worked. Devon finished the most recent Red Rising book: Dark Ages. Steven recaps Fast and Furious for Devon who is about to see Hobbs and Shaw even though he hasn’t seen any of the other movies.


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