Episode 375: Tipping Point

This episode contains: Steven wants us all to be Nice Boys again. Ben received his 3rd Covid shot. Devon has had some time to himself.

Take the Midnight Train Down to Anywhere: Can we use big batteries to power our trains? In a California-based study, researchers look at the possibility of electrifying rail-based freight.


Walking on Sunshine: We chat about making aircraft fuel from sunlight and air. Synthetic jet fuel releases same CO2 during combustion as was extracted from the air for production. Carbon-neutral liquid fuels from sunlight and air, sounds like a pipe-dream. But it isn’t.


Science Fiction: We talk about that Book of Boba Fett trailer. Steven breaks down some plot points and everyone talks about what they think will be in the show and what we want to see in the show. Steven and Devon both watched the Apple TV+ film Finch and give their thoughts. Devon didn’t think there was much plot in the movie and Steven enjoyed just about everything. Finally, Ben gives us the rundown on the latest episode of Star Trek Prodigy, and we all chat about M class planets, and how in most sci-fi, breathable air means the entire planet is safe. Devon also pitches a Q show.


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