Episode 402: Vaccines, Vermin and Vasectomies

This episode contains: This week we have the entire gang together recording on a Saturday night. Devon is recording form a thunder storm, Ben is drinking Liquid Death, and Steven has to step away to deal with kids.

Science: We plan on doing science but get totally side tracked with Ben’s attempt to get another Covid vaccine booster. This turns into a conversation of the state of the pandemic in general.

Science Fiction: Ben tells us about the trailer for season 3 of The Umbrella Academy. Steven has watched a couple of the new episodes of Love, Death and Robots. Steven and Ben give us their review of the most recent episode of Strange New Worlds. We then talk about one of the best new shows: Severance. Steven then raves about the Chip ‘n Dale movie.

(There isn’t any vasectomy talk on the episode proper, go to patreon.com/sciencefactionpodcast to hear that bit!)


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