Episode 510: High-Density Relativistic Electron-Positron Pair-Plasma Beams (HDREPPPB)

This episode contains: Ben and Devon are eventually joined by Steven on this all new episode. Devon saw Inside Out 2 with his kids for Father’s Day. Steven got some cool gifts then did nothing. Ben helped set up a booth at a Pride Festival and then he and his son played Star Trek: Elite Force II deathmatch. Steven and Ben discuss the pros and cons of the Apple Watch.

Great Balls of Fire: Pair plasmas found in deep space can now be generated in the lab. Researchers have experimentally generated high-density relativistic electron-positron pair-plasma beams by producing two to three orders of magnitude more pairs than previously reported.


Duh Duh Dun Dun Duh Duh, Deck Of Boards!: Ben discusses the “Deck of Boards” system, which allows you to easily create custom boards for playing abstract strategy games like chess, checkers, and Go. The system uses magnetic backing and washers to create flexible boards that can be set up quickly. The author has used the Deck of Boards to play a variety of games, including Adere, Othello, Qawale, Tintas, and ZERTZ. The key benefits are the ease of setup and the ability to experiment with different board layouts.





Movie Review: Devon and Steven discuss Godzilla Minus One. Devon had an interesting experiencing watching the movie with multiple interruptions over three nights. Is it a prequal, sequel, or reboot?


Book Club: Stories in the Sand by Griffin McElroy. “There was not a Jawa on Tatooine who did not believe wholeheartedly that there was more sand below them than there was sky above.” Ben did not do his homework. Steven and Ben liked the new perspective from the Star Wars universe.


Next week: These Alien Skies (Black Stars) by C.T. Rwizi.