Episode 513: Game Big Boy

This episode contains: Steven and Ben are your hosts this week, and you know what that means… WE TALK VIDEOGAMES! Well, later we talk videogames. First, are y’all handling these high temps this summer alright? In our little California burg, we hit 112 degrees Fahrenheit a couple days ago. Steven is really enjoying the benefits of his home’s heat pump. Happy Fourth of July to all the Americans listening, and on the fourth, we had a Devon sighting! It was kinda like bigfoot (the dude has grown quite a beard). Then Ben slept over at Steven’s place that night, where we PLAYED VIDEOGAMES! But we’re not talking about that yet. Instead it’s time for our old segment, currently rebranded as…

Future or Now

Smack my Star Trek up: Ben reviews the first eight episodes of Star Trek: Prodigy. It’s really, seriously, good. Ben’s probably not going to be able to shut up about it for several episodes, so strap in. Prodigy just had it’s second season drop in one fell swoop on Netflix on Monday, and this is the first of the new Trek shows Ben’s binged for his first watch. The plucky kids are now Starfleet Academy hopefuls, and through their well-meaning shenanigans, they get stuck in a paradox. Thankfully the shuttle they stole has a shield that protects from time paradoxes! It’s time to invert your warp bubble and WATCH THE SHOW. It’s kinda like the greatest hits of Star Trek, but also like Back to the Future Part 2. Oh, and they have a Cetacean Ops on the Voyager-A. What’s not to love?

Sleep on this: Steven reviews Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver. It’s not worth it, says Steven. How could a movie this boring get made?

Video Game Extravaganza: The boyz come back from the mid-pod break and talk about the games you should be playing, specifically the games you should be playing with friends who are spending the night. There’s Turbo Golf Racing, You Suck at Parking, and ye olde Geometry Wars 2. Ben was geeking out about how his Steam Deck could hold it’s own in competitive multiplayer games against an Xbox Series X. It’s his Game Big Boy (come after us, Nintendo). And if you’re ready for some single player fun, Humanity is an incredible puzzler, and Cyberpunk 2077 is still as beautiful a mess as it’s been, but even better now.