Episode 037: Plot Holes and Trivia

This episode contains: sick Steven and healthy family, movie plot holes, Star Trek (2009), Nero and his crew, deleted jail scene, Back to the Future, recognizing Marty, bad memory, old and young Doc Brown, future heist, Wraith of Chekov and Khan, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Jehovah begins with an I, ancient traps, Jurassic Park and the T-Rex enclosure, Nedry not knowing dangerous dinosaurs, sneaky T-Rex, The Lost World and the T-Rex killing everyone aboard the boat, Dark Knight and school buses, Hong Kong air space, the Joker’s plan, Khan’s ship, Terminator model number, “Cheers” star in Empire, Aliens survival, Newts real name, hidden magazine, time travel date, DeLorean license plate, quotes, dinosaurs species in Jurassic Park, odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field, what killed Hiram Coffey, Futurama Quote, what Devon learned.


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