Episode 048: Visible Planets / Reboots

Recorded April 22nd, 2015

This episode contains: Star Wars 7 trailer, 88 million people watched the trailer, line from Return of the Jedi, “and my… sister has it,” Star Wars BS Podcast Network Special, depositions, psychiatric workers’ compensation claims, why people hate lawyers, so much in space, X-Files coming back, exo-planets, detecting planets with direct visible light from planet, spectroscopy used to detect elements in atmospheres, 51 Pegasi b[1], photograph of exo-planet, Hot Jupiter, Mexico is closer to the Sun, applying method to other planetary system, Ebola vaccine successes, Dr. Oz (F him), claiming First Amendment protection when it does not apply, commercial speech does not have the same protections as other forms of speech, Steven gets a mysterious text (X-Files music plays), interesting beers v. Shock Top, IPAs, Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Ale, Leinenkugel, X-Files last movie sucked, new X-Files reboot?, “Sculder and Mully” (42:45), Daredevil, Terminator: Genisys, Devon can’t spell, Terminator timeline, “Sean Conner,” John Conner is a… Terminator?, Terminator Salvation has been forgotten, Sky Net steps up, Devon is done with Terminator’s convoluted timeline, 1984 (not the book), X-3 also discarded, Doctor Who, Wolverine grows new head/body, CG Arnold, Prometheus’s relationship to Alien, xenomorph precursor, reboot Alien, Devon will not see Prometheus II in the theater (“The line must be drawn here! This far, no farther!”), history is full of reboots/sequels, will we ever see a Star Wars reboot?, Disney live-action fairytale movies, retro-futurism for each decade, Star Trek reboot, original Enterprise crew v. totally new characters, Star Trek: Nemesis, Star Trek Beyond/Into Darkness, Futurama Quote, what Devon learned.



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