Episode 049: Super Volcano / Barbarians

Recorded Aptril 29th, 2015

This episode contains: R2 with rockets, fans put X-Wing in space, Yellowstone, super volcano, other volcanoes, judgement day (Terminator), cloning dinosaurs for oil, Steven’s Jurassic Park story,  video gamer brains, stronger brain connections, amateur gamers v expert, AVG, different types of video games, Portal, Assassins Creed, British settlers, Genghis Khan, Sacajawea, why the future will consider us barbarians, Star Trek: the Voyage Home, Bones in a hospital, JNKO Jeans, farming v growing meat, animal testing, digital stimulation for drugs, drug policy, presidents and drugs, chemical birth control for men, paper clips, non-hormone birth control, knowing where everyone is all the time, eroding privacy, benevolent governments, nothing to hide?, standing on principle, story of missing child, plane sight, Age of Ultron, no humans = no crime, Chris and Sam Podcast, Futurama Quote, what Steven learned.



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