Episode 055: Life Finds A Way

Recorded June 10th, 2015

This episode contains: Steven frantically gives up, dino feathers, Jurassic Park pre talk.

Nature Watch: drunk chimps, fermented tree sap, making wine, visible signs of inebriation, wine gets the party started, genetic mutation to metabolize alcohol, alcohol helps procreation


Tech Upgrades: injectable brain implant, nano-polymer mesh, adverse effects?, Steven brings up Fallout… again, and we talk about Mad Max… again, hole in the head, piloting jets with mind, division of society, military applications, medical applications, Devon is afraid of brain surgery, living outside of your body, brain storming story ideas


Biological Imperative: women gives birth using ovarian tissue frozen in childhood, Devon tries to read the word “follicles” and fails, dumping sterile boyfriend, frozen balls, thinking ahead, impressive organs, reproductive organs not necessary for an individual organism to keep living, still being useful to society, Docapodians,


Nutritional Information: crappy studies, meta-studies, why so many nutritional studies are fundamentally and fatally flawed, no magic bullet to health, gluten free, calories v. junk food, don’t be anorexic, self-reporting studies suck, under reporting calorie consumption by a lot, socially acceptable answers skew data, chewing and swallowing monitor?


Science Fiction: The Martian trailer look awesome,(YouTube Link) Jurassic World, positive early review, Jurassic Park book v. movie, procompsognathus, dinosaurs getting off the island (“They found a way”), power back on in the park, raptor nest, how many dinosaurs do you have?, baby dinos, genetic hybrids, Spider Goat Returns, feathers, size of raptors, deinonychus (the actual raptor), Jurassic Park/World is showing us our perception of dinos (they’re all genetic monsters), Godzilla movie from the 90s, Tomorrow Land (“sounds whatever”), Influx (2014) by Daniel Suarez, Bender Bending Rodriguez, Futurama Quote, what Steven learned.



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