Episode 080: We Don’t Need No Education

This episode contains: Jerky for dinner, Nick Offerman, videos to not drinking alone, science or drinking show, Batman v. Superman, if it is above 70% on RT then Devon will see it, out of words, lame corporate x-mas party, Batman becomes Ironman, powered by pain and justice, Batman should be dead

Untitled: water bears have strange genome, microscopic creatures that can survive extreme conditions, tardigrades, 17% of genome is foreign DNA, horizontal gene transfer, rehydration, Borg,


Brain Matters: Interventions may temporarily raise kid’s IQs but there is fadeout overtime, head-start programs, fadeout, regression to the rest of the group, memorization and IQ, statistics, schools requiring the bare minimum, our anecdotal experience with advanced placement programs, nature propensity for intelligence v. effort, what you actually learn in college, Steven’s educational experiences, homework, paying attention in class, Devon tells us about law school, how to take a law school test, higher education tests applying knowledge, different for different subjects, science and engineering v. liberal arts, learning why something works even if using a computer, being a lawyer is easier than being an engineer, what lawyers actually do


Sci-fi: Jessica Jones, Captain America: Civil War, Ultron, Spiderman, X-Men in the MCU, Super Soldier Serum as catalyst for other powers, (brief mention of Rick and Morty, Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!), Spiderman is the only masked super hero in Marvel, Thor as a god, Riddick movies, action sci-fi v. meaningful sci-fi, Tomorrowland, Hunger Games messages, theme of Ex Machina, Black Mirror, Steven apologizes unnecessarily, Futurama quote, shower thoughts from Cookie Monster


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