Episode 085: Black Mirror, White Christmas

This episode contains: More awkwardness, weekend date, X-Wing Miniatures game, Steven’s project, what Steven has

Brain Matters: wired for gaming, the brains of gamers, internet gaming disorder, the gaming chair, DSM-5, predisposition?, specific links in the brain, impulse control, addiction, phantom vibration syndrome


“Sit Boo Boo, Sit. Good Dog”: dogs and jealousy, owners paying attention to different objects and measuring dog’s reaction, dogs’ reactions to fake dogs, story about Zoe, evolution and jealousy, babies are evil, dogs and TVs


Sci-Fi: Star Wars: The Force Awakens DVD extras, Disney Infinity 3.0, Devon’s grandparents and Star Wars, Black Mirror, BBC show on Netflix, near future with tech upgrades, ep: White Christmas, minor SPOILERS, in three parts so no talk of third part, Jon Hamm, assisted dating technology, eye implants, disembodied conciseness, Inside Out, house control software, philosophical questions, blocking, future of social media, coming VR, A Young Doctors Note Book, strange point of view

Dune: Steven finally finished it and is happy it’s over, anticlimactic, end of T3, sequels to Dune, Paul’s failure, the plot of Dune Messiah sort of, the movie, misunderstanding the Fremen, Futurama quote, shower thought


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