Episode 086: Raid the Arcade

This episode contains: Star Wars Battlefront, raid the arcade mix, Armada by Ernest Cline, time signatures, Devon’s reaction to heavy metal, ring tones, Green Day base lines, Crank, Steven playing less video games

Brain Matters: Luminosity being fined by the FTC, brain games, study comparing Luminosity to Portal 2, Steve Novella, effectiveness of brain training, limitations, no advantage to computer over pen and paper, prog metal and time signatures, math metal, Dream Theater, Tool, exercise, mental health, future of brain games



Improving Moral: religious decline does not equal moral decline, traditional morals (e.g. abortion, homosexuality) v. crimes (e.g. stealing, killing), decline of belief in traditional morals, no change to belief in criminal laws, defining morals, harm to an individual v. harm to society, Plato/Socrates defining morality, morality independent of religion, baby Hitler


Sci-Fi: Powerball, what would we do with the money?, raising your own kids, finding meaning in life after winning the lottery, X-Wing Miniatures game, Apple Music Star Wars channel, squads, Fat Han list, Black Squadron, Outrider, Shadows of the Empire, win/loss record, Dash Rendar, Tantive IV obstacle, Pandora’s Star by Peter F. Hamilton, Night’s Dawn Trilogy, wormhole space travel, Dyson Spheres, building a space ship with wormhole drive, A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller, Jr., Audible, Ready Player One, Armada, The Last Star Fighter, plot of Armada, The Expanse, Futurama quote, shower thoughts