Episode 102: Rogue Hyperloop

This episode contains: prior attempts, Warriors game, light bracelets, cheap clothes, Fallout 4

Driving Miss Daisy: sixth sense while driving, texting, test description, class action lawsuit stuff, brain loop coordination thing, texting and cell phone use, licensing for texting, fear of being ticketed making texting more dangerous


Tech Happens: Hyperloop, news cycle, new light discovery, testing in Las Vegas, testing propulsion, breaking, air resistance, cargo v. people


Sci-fi: Rogue One, information leak, characters, Death Star, new ships, Deathtroopers, AT-ATs, TIE fighter, U-Wing, Civil War, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, political dispute, plot, bad guy motivation, bait and switch, movie structure, our ratings, ranking Marvel movies, Iron Man 3 bad guy gender, Futurama quote, shower thought


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