Episode 109: Swiss Army Arm

This episode contains: Stephen King, How Did This Get Made?, Maximum Overdrive crazy trailer, Trucks (short story)

This Week in Space: “I want to die on Mars but not impact” Elon Musk, growing plants in Moon/Martian soil, heavy metals in soil, amount of metal absorbed by plants, metric and imperial system songs


Let’s Get Bio-Technical: Biomechanical arm, lost arm in injury, won sci-fi looking arm, Metal Gear Solid, USB ports, drone, 3-D printers, Swiss Army Arm, Wolverine claws, smart phone arm, fireworks and drones, M states


Sci-Fi: Devon’s trip to Michigan, zip-line, real fireworks show, religion and the word “evolution,” travel troubles, Use of Weapons by Ian M. Banks, well rounded story, The Culture Universe, Red Rising by Pierce Brown, writing style, “Ender, Katniss and now Darrow,” Girl With All the Gifts trailer, Mr. Robot, some lulls in the season, Bojak Horseman season 3 coming soon, Futurama quote, The Dark Tower and Idris Elba, Midichlorians work-around, Force Mites, bed bugs reproduction, Devon has issues with Jedi robes, shower thought


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