Episode 117: Shellfish Wishes and Centauri Dreams

This episode contains: Skype problems, Devon is quiet, the guys are not in the same room, Steven doesn’t know geography, the coastline paradox, how map makers get their +/-, squiggles, measuring the coastline is confusing, now Steven agrees, Devon faces is mortal enemy, Anal Cavity, petty lawyers, sleazy lawyers, Devon wins at gambling

Nature Watch: People are enhancing the planet? Trees grow better where people are, “first nations people”, shell fish help trees grow, click bait articles, 100% usage of the fish, idiots, defining health, learning about meters


This Week in Space: We found aliens! CNN, radio signals from space, civilization stages, Kardashev scale, strong signals, earth aliens, science people, analyzing a signal takes a long time, we have not been looking for aliens for very long, the wow signal


Kardashev Scale: Mass Effect, talking clean is not interesting, harnessing the power of the sun, earthquake car batteries, space Nazis, Q is a type 5 civilization, no wait they are a type 4, no type 5… the singularity, downgrading Q, the meaning of life, we can’t understand this stuff.


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