Episode 118: Prizzly Bears

This episode contains: Long days, word fighting, Dark Tower, “long days and pleasant nights”, secret words, interesting sayings, Brooklyn, super Irish names, Terminator Genesis, stupid viewers, Steven digs time travel, listing the Terminator movies, shape shifting, the machines of Terminator, Steven reads Wiki, happy birthday Star Trek

Human Blood Lasers: Components of a laser, glowing sea creature proteins, replacement minerals, living lasers, amplifying light, nano particles, body lasers, How Stuff Works, lasers are complex, bright lights, Steven has jokes, lasers vs. MRI’s, laser classes


Nature Watch: Giraffes, snake swallows a pig, Devon hates words, a visitor, giraffes are not all the same, inter-species breeding, grolar bears, millennials suck, we’ve only scratched the surface of giraffes, giraffes are going away, Pokemon jokes


Old and New: Jurassic Park, tangent on tangents, Jen reviews Jurassic Park, the book is close to the movie, Steven depends on the logic of the book, Crichton loves explosions, Jen gives Jurassic Park 4/5, Steven approves, Star Wars Rebels, Rebels is expensive, trade paperback “Vader”, Vader has a son… #spoilers, Bobba Fett fights Luke, Star Wars plot holes, Star Trek is old, Star Trek is inspirational, Devon went to a museum, is Star Trek the future? Where are all the other Star Treks? Avatar did not break new ground, next step in sci-fi


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