Episode 131: Rogue One

There’s a new Star Wars movie so we forgo the science and just nerd the hell out! We rank the movie on our patented five star scale, then jump into a very SPOILER filled review. We discuss how Rogue One sets up A New Hope, how it compares to The Force Awakens and that awesome third act! We also discuss how Rogue One shows what a good prequel can be, using Darth Vader just right, and all the little things. Other topics include: using footage from A New Hope, Rebels, unexpected ending, Rogue Squadron, CGI characters, the importance of creatures in Star Wars, Darth Castle, the non-Star Wars elements, music, reshoots and missing scenes, characters, The Force, Guardians of the Whills, Kyber Crystals, specific scenes from the trailer that were cut from the movie, what’s Obi-Wan up to, and what movies can we expect in the future. We hope you enjoy this episode! We’ll bring the science back next week!


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