Episode 139: False Equivalency Conundrum

This episode contains: We recap our gaming weekend playing Star Wars: Armada, an awesome miniatures war game. Devon rationalizes the cost of the game. We also talk about X-Wing Miniatures and how the two games compare. Devon explains why he likes Armada more than X-Wing.

Evolutionarily Speaking: There’s been some new discoveries regarding carnivorous plant evolution. Scientists have sequenced the genome of some plants and found that carnivorous plants became carnivores through convergent evolution. We then go on a tangent about the evolution of the eye.


Oh Yeah?!: A listener (@idahenno) challenges our answer to a prior question about the storage capacity of the human brain. We discuss why the brain is not analogous to a computer and even have a list! Analog v. Digital, parallel computing, processes of the brain may be diffuse, no fixed processing speed, time keeping, synapses v. logic gates, and more! We then discuss some of the hurdles to achieving true AI. So many hurdles…


Sci-Fi: Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel: a movie Steven watched at the behest of @redpillbrain. He gives us a quick synopsis and his review (a “strong 3 out of 5”). Devon then brings up an old indie sci-fi movie: Timer. Also a 3 out of 5, maybe not as strong. Moving on, Devon is still reading the series Remembrance of Earth’s Past. And it’s still awesome! He’s on the third book now and it’s still s good as ever. Devon then discuss what he’s planning on reading next. Steven then tells us about the trailer for the game Zero Dawn. The Lego Batman Movie is getting great reviews and we can’t wait to see it! Steven then tells us why he still preorders things. Is the Lego Batman Movie canon?


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