Episode 142: Consciousness, Psychopaths, and Quantum Mechanics

This episode contains: Devon played some more Armada and lost, again. But he had fun, and isn’t that all that matters?

Robot Overlords:  Google tests AI’s “killer instinct.” Deep Mind, the same network that beat the Go champion, was tested to see if it would compete or cooperate. Eventually they might teach Deep Mind to play StarCraft II.


This Week in Space: Elon Musk is sending two people around the moon! He’s a little over optimistic about the timeline but it sounds doable. There are two private, unnamed, individuals who have already put down a significant deposit on the trip. There is a little discussion of space law. We then question what you would do on such a long trip in a small ship after the novelty wore off. Also, sex in space?


Bill Paxton: Only actor killed by an Alien, Predator and a Terminator. RIP.

Sci-Fi: Elite Dangerous by chance had a system similar to the Trappist system (where the seven Earth-like planets were found that everyone was talking about last week) which is now going to be edited to more like the Trappist system. In other news, Devon read Quantum Night by Robert J. Sawyer, and liked it more than his last couple books. The book deals with nature of consciousness, psychopaths, and quantum mechanics. Steven is taking a break from The Expanse (books). Devon assures him it keeps up the quality. Steven is reading The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. Devon also read some more Kurt Vonnegut and so gives a quick take on Mother Night and Breakfast of Champions.


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