Episode 148: Strong 3 out of 5

This episode contains: We had a crazy weekend! We start off with the story of going out in SLO, including the strange drinks we had a total hipster bar. We then try to figure out why alcohol makes you forget.

Go to Health!: Modified virus was used a Trojan horse to deliver genes to cells to help hearing. We learn that there are a lot of genetic defects than can lead to hearing issues. This technique has been used to treat a specific, common genetic issue that causes congenital hearing loss. So far this has only been tested on mice.


Biological Imperative: Scientists are trying to replicate conditions that could lead to self-replication. Scientists are trying to use self-replicating chemicals to study natural selection. We discuss the difference between evolution and the genesis of life. They are also studying using two amino acids to create binary DNA.


Bonus Science: Steven talks about a new way to program chat-bots using neural networks. The network tests their response to a data set that is made using movie scripts. The process creates some interesting sound bites…

Sci-Fi: Devon tells us about the movie Life with minimal spoilers. It’s like Gravity with aliens. Devon gives it a strong three out of five, but says it was “slightly lacking.” We then take a look at the new Thor trailer and are pleased to see a lot of it will not take place on Earth. We also like that most Marvel movies have a lot of cross-over even with the solo movies. We talk about Youtuber ThorSkywalker. We talk about Timothy Zahn coming back to write Thrawn in the new cannon. Devon is reading John Scalzi’s new book: The Collapsing Empire, which is kind of the authors attempt to write a Foundation/Dune/Culture type book. It’s good but not great.


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