Episode 160: 8(+/-) Years Later

This episode contains: Devon spent many hours at the DMV because he didn’t make a reservation. We answer romantic questions from a listener and contest winner. Turns out, two nerds with a science podcast probably aren’t the best to ask romantic advice.

Science Grab Bag: Steven has an article about how people will be trolling self driving cars in the future. It has to do with salt and lines. Then Steven covers the one trillion ton iceburg that recently broke away from the Antarctic ice shelf. Finally, Steven tags up on an older story about encoding DNA. Turns out, we can encode DNA in live cells with movies. What?! Devon then tells us all about the encephalophone, like what it even is and why it exists. The two close out the Science portion of the podcast by talking about Baby Driver, because of course they do. Steven even calls it a “deconstructionist musical.” Fancy.

SciFi: Steven and Devon discuss the Marvel TV and Cinematic universes and why Marvel won’t say if they exist in the same world or not. Then Steven gives a lengthy review of Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is mostly spoiler free (except for the first 10 minutes of the movie). Devon asks you guys for recommendations on a new Sci-Fi novel series to read. We recap some of the books we’ve read and what we like / don’t like. Finally, Steven tells us all about his recent Diablo 3 addiction. Because everyone needs a healthy mix of Sci-Fi and Fantasy in their lives.


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