Episode 170: Mindblowers

This episode contains: We start off by talking about ice cream and the movie IT. Devon, who doesn’t like horror movies, actually liked the movie. We also wonder why The Dark Tower did so poorly, even though neither of us saw it.

Brain Matters, Part I: Researchers have devised a new test to determine how wise someone is. We ask how you even define being wise and then how do you measure it objectively. This new test takes into account neurobiology, associating different parts of the brain with different parts of the test. It also turns out there are other tests used to judge wisdom. We find one of these only online and take the test. You can too:



Brain Matters, Part II: Sleep deprivation may actually help reduce depression. This seems counter intuitive. We don’t know why this may work or how long the effect lasts. More research needs to be done but it’s an interesting result.


Sci-Fi: We take the wise test over the break and find out which one of us is wisest. Then we talk about Star Wars news, like always. We speculate as to what they’re going to name the Han Solo movie. We also guess what the movie might be about, the Kessel Run? Who is Snoke? We then talk about Morty’s Mindblowers, the latest ep of Rick and Morty (at the time of the recording). We then talk about the rumors that James Cameron will produce T6.


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