Episode 199: The MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

This episode contains: Devon is about to celebrate a wedding anniversary, without his kid! Good timing, because he just finished his Lego Millennium Falcon and needs something to do. Steven found a source online about why Lando accidentally broke off the Falcon’s satellite dish and Devon takes it the direct wrong way.

Ready Player One: Devon saw the movie, so the duo do a more spoiler heavy review. There was something about the second challenge that did not scratch Devon’s itch. He also thought the movie was too “Spielberg-ized.” Steven chats about The Shining, and Room 237, which makes Devon more interested in The Shining.

Lost In Space: We’ve seen a few episodes and have a hot take. We’re digging the vibe of the show, the family drama and the excellent pacing. Steven believes the first three episodes could have been a movie, and it would have failed. Oh, and that robot is totally a Geth, and someone is going to get sued.

Interview with App Developer Rebecca: We welcome Independent App Developer Rebecca onto the show to talk about her app Alarm Pod. She wanted an app which acted as an alarm clock, but that would play a podcast instead of an annoying noise. One didn’t really exist, she she made one! We talk about how she developed the app, her process coding the app, how the iOS space works and some pitfalls. Then we find out she hadn’t seen Star Wars until she was well into her 20s. What. Then we talk about female heroes in science fiction, including Captain Janeway and B’Elanna Torres.