Episode 326: M-Triggered

This episode contains: Steven didn’t do the math and he and Ben had to record on Thanksgiving. The two talk turkey about their respective dinners.

R-R-R-R-Random: A biochemical random number has been generated. DNA synthesis was used to generate a random number. We talk about the process, and what random numbers are used for. Don’t forget your A T C and G.


This Week in Space: Water may be naturally occurring on all rocky planets. The presence of water may be a byproduct of the planet formation process. We talk about the meteorite sample used in the study called ‘Black Beauty’ and its extreme expense.


A Doggy Dog World: Bonus Science! We talk about the aging of dogs and how a new, more accurate calculation can be done to see how old your dog is in ‘human years’.


Science Fiction: Another week, more mando. We talk about the latest episode of The Mandalorian, The Siege. We talk about seeing Greef and Cara again and what exactly an M-count is. Star Trek Discovery delivered another stunning episode and we talk about the Discovery’s refit, relations between Orions and Andorians, and how cool Georgiou can be when unleashed. We also speculate about next week’s episode and Ben has to explain to Steven what Unification I and II are all about. We tease a bit about Ready Player Two since we are both reading it, tune in next week for a full review.


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