Episode 378: The Spotify Grinch

This episode contains: Steven and Ben talk about our Spotify year end things, Devon has become obsessed with sorting LEGO, and Ben has an endoscopy scheduled! Fun!

This Week in Space: Startup SpinLaunch completes first test flight with wild rocket-flinging launch system. Reducing fuel costs is a key barrier to affordable spaceflight. They don’t even have to worry about the delta-v.


Welcome to Earf: SpaceX launches NASA’s mission to collide with an asteroid. The DART mission seeks to demonstrate the capability to change an asteroid’s orbit.


Science Fiction: We play a little game called Two Truths and a Lie that Devon stole from the SGU (Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe, not to be confused with Stargate Universe). Ben talks about the latest episode of Star Trek Discovery called ‘Choose to Live’ and he’s really been enjoying the season thus far. Devon finally gets a chance to talk about Freeguy, a movie he watched months ago. There was more plot and AI sentience than he bargained for. Steven reviews the latest episode of Hawkeye called ‘Echoes’, and specifically talks about that phone call. Heartbreaking. Oh, and Devon has been watching the second season of The Great, and highly recommends it.