Episode 447: The Opposite of Thank You

This episode contains: We talk about April and it’s Fools. Ben did some axe throwing, and his kid out-paced him. Devon attempts to get his kids to be quieter this episode, to varying degrees of success. Steven sick.

This Week in Space: Scientists observe flattest explosion ever seen in space. Explosions in space are almost always spherical, but this one was not. What is an FBOT? Fast Blue Optical Transient, and it is very rare, first discovered in 2018.


Some Good News? Maybe?: Renewable energy outpaced coal this year. According to the Energy Information Administration, wind, solar, hydropower, biomass and geothermal generated 21% of US power in 2022, exceeding coal by 1%. Natural Gas, which is a fossil fuel, still generates a lot of power. The US is having trouble with it’s aging power grid, making connecting renewables more difficult.


Big Question: How come we’re not more jazzed up as a society about climate change? We talk about the struggles of climate change and how difficult it is to even imagine changing things in our current society. Steven talks about the Apple TV+ show Extrapolations and how it tells our future story. Our final answer? Vote.

Science Fiction: We couldn’t be all dour this episode, so we lighten things up with some talk about The Mandalorian and Picard. We’re having issues with Mando, but Picard is finally firing on all cylinders. Neat.


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