Episode 019: Nano Car / Bad TV Science

Recorded September 17th, 2014

This episode contains: Special Guest Steve Maguire, chemist and nearly a doctor, molecular stuff, understanding chemistry for physicists, SNOLAB, nickel mine, neutrino explanation, scintillator medium and tellurium, neutrino reactions and detection, attempting to observe double beta decay, Nanocar, Bucky ball wheels, allotrope of carbon, chromophore crank, possible uses, Ant-man powers, additional experiments, movies and science, CSI realism, magical analysis, yeast pee and farts, Stargate and semi-correct star/iron science, unpaid extra, Stargate Atlantis and Farscape, how science can be accurately represented on TV, the Simpsons version of Twin Peaks, using Simpsons to teach catalysis, the Flame challenge, Futurama impression of David X. Cohen, Futurama quote.

Science Isn’t Scary

SNOLAB website

The Flame Challenge: What is Time?


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