Episode 031: Bleeping Origins


Edited 12/17/2014

This episode contains: dirty dozen, William Devon Craft, Esq. jumping right in, pants gangsters, geekery of choice, FTL, Science Fiction and Science Fantasy, Star Trek breaking ground, winner of the non-contest: JB!, Swiss cheese pervert incarcerated, terrible puns, Wacko of the Week: Amou Haji, not bathing, smoking animal poo-poo, five cigarettes, eating rotten porcupine, dumb Americans, dreadlocks, MommyNicky’s hypothetical, the box, twilight zone, your honor, defining gypsies, Justice League, not getting into the Batman vs Iron Man debate, time travel, Back to the Future, the human virus, detecting extra terrestrial life forms, traveling near the speed of light, hard sci-fi, Stephen Baxter, grav-plating, Flood and Ark and space travel, The Timeships, R2-D2 life size model building, Maker Faire, Abrams using fans, People vs George Lucas, prequels were made for kids, Jar-Jar, Clone Wars chat, DEEP Clone Wars chat, NEEEEERDS!, condoning piracy (we don’t).


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