Episode 038: Apes / Books

Recorded February 11th, 2015

This episode contains: Girl Scout cookies, the lottery and offices, loot drops, glass half full and marketing spin, 10% fat and 90% lean, fruits and nuts, designing studies, changing grunts for apples, grunts and vocal structures, drunk gorilla punching photographer, fermented bamboo stems, rugby playing apes, gut fermentation syndrome, tree beer, linx coffee beans, books and sci-fi authors, Alistair Reynolds, Stephen Baxter, George RR Martin and release dates, Harper Lee’s next book, Robert Sawyer “Calculating God”, Aliens and evolution on Earth, Alien theology, Rebels and Clone Wars, Cloud Atlas, Jason Gurley “The Dark Age”, ¬†apreciating what we have, short stories, Joshua Dalzelle “Warship”, Futurama quotes, what Steven learned.


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