Episode 041: Thought Flying / Alien 5

Recorded March 4th, 2015

This episode contains: Steven is hosting, PBS co-hosting, “The Big Chair,” Devon’s game show voice, what game shows we watched, Super Market Sweep, Chopped, game show education, Alex Trebek’s age, quadriplegic women flies F-35 with nothing but her thoughts, Flight simulator, thinking of flight, teaching our brains, the first future of War Conference, learning to drive a manual vehicle, video game controls, GTA and Call of Duty controls,  medical uses for brain-computer interfaces, neurogaming, The Force Unleashed with real force, true virtual reality, Oculus Rift, complete immersive entertainment, Devon has a new toy, Alien Queen, points of articulation, new Alien movie from Neill Blomkamp, early concept art, infiltrating the xenomorphs, more concept art, building aliens, new movie changing Alien canon?, Aliens on Earth, Sigourney Weaver’s love of Aliens, younger characters for the Aliens film, CEO fights, Aliens’ natural habitat, Alien reality show, Futurama quote, what Steven learned.