Episode 043: 3D Printing / Replicators

Recorded March 18th, 2015

This episode contains: Sub-orbital asteroid, hanging out over the weekend, Munchkin: gateway game, serious board gaming, X-Wing game, Expanded Universe ships, Shadows of the Empire, YT-2400, pilot stats, total point squads, large ships, no one to play with, 3-D printers, cost of printers, quality of 3-D printed objects, new 3-D printer using UV light and oxygen, precision at 20 microns, Star Trek quote, cost of lego 3-D printer, simple math, converting units, paying someone to put together your legos, painting 3-D printed projects, replicator, rearrangement of subatomic particles, limitation to replicators in Star Trek, replicating life, transporter twins, Riker’s twin, what matter to use, reclamation to replicators, all matter is made of the same building blocks, lego analogy, Proxima, smart matter, Time Ships, replicators effects on society, Mr. Fusion, time circuits, Niel Stephenson, Snow Crash, Ultima, Ready Player One, Neuromancer, The Girl With All the Gifts, M.R. Carey, trailers for books, The Diamond Age, The Baroque Cycle, class issues with replication technology, The Replicators of Downton Abby, Futurama quote, what Steven learned.



Picard: When was the last time we aligned the torque sensors?

Officer: Two months ago, sir.

Picard: They don’t sound right.

Geordi: The torque sensors are out of alignment by 12 microns. You could hear that?

Picard: When I was an ensign, I could detect a three-micron misalignment.

– Star Trek: Insurrection


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