Episode 045: Gender / Gay Star Wars

This episode contains: Devon working out, Devon’s physique vs the rest of BSPN, Alien Isolation, Ripley’s daughter, directors cut of Aliens, Blade Runner directors cut, game play for Alien Isolation, games tipins to the movies, where are all the Aliens in the game, Steven loves this game because it’s boring, Alien reproduction on societal structure, bee reproduction, interpretation of genders, the definition of “CIS”, Devon is gender confused, brain development and gender, how to manipulate gender, mice vs rats, gender vs sexuality, correlation of gender to physique, Twin experiments, the restraints of moraity in science, true AI for experimentation, The Nights Dawn trilogy, ethics of experimentation on AI, future of lawyering, Automata, CIS man, microbrew hipsters, the “science” of making good beer, Facebook gender options, other species that have multiple genders, Devon can’t read or spell, Star Wars first gay character, Steven does not pre-read his articles, dead air, Lords of the Sith, lesbian moff lord, defining a moff, the new Empire system in Star Wars, racism in the Empire, and we are back to Nazi’s, the Emperor’s ultimate plot, expanding of gender and race roles in Disney’s Star Wars, old canon of Star Wars and their lesbian and gay characters, Knights of the Old Republic, Clone Wars and the Hutts, Hutts ambiguous gender, Steven roots for gay characters in Star Wars, Steven outs all the gay people, Futurama quote, what Steven learned.