Episode 052: What a Lovely Day

Recorded on May 20th, 2015

This episode contains: SFP turns 1, the ups and downs of SFP, Daredevil (4 out of 5 according to Devon), The Martian by Andy Weir (5 out of 5 according to Devon), surviving on Mars alone, hard sci-fi, The Martian movie, Matt Damon, “A non-pauser,” Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (4 out of 5 according to Devon with Steven agreeing), Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton (“A rollicking adventure!” according to Steven), What If? By Randall Munroe, X-37B military space plane, no surprise that we have classified military spaceships, speculation on X-37B uses

This Week in Space: More Exo-planets, possible chaotic obits, resonance, butterfly effect, deep space communication network, communicating at the speed of light


Medical Awareness: HIV vaccine, South Park, Money is the cure for HIV, using virus to inject new DNA to fight HIV, HIV can result in AIDS, time limit to the vaccine, adverse effects unknown, vaccine protects against all strain of HIV, not a cure, who would this benefit?, potential government programs


Mad Max: Fury Road (SPOILERS) Movie Review: Rev Head, “An intense thrill ride” according to Devon, 99% Rotten Tomatoes down to 98% is still “higher than everything,” three acts, Imperator Furiosa, The Citadel, War Rig, Gas Town, Immortan Joe, war parties, Bullet Farm, there and back, chase plus characters equals movie, styles of different tribes, three city economy, mothers milk, probable human rights violations in Gas Town and Bullet Farm, manure for gun powder, Furiosa’s redemption (for what?), Vulvani, The Green Place, stilt people, why isn’t Furiosa a breeder and why is she a commander?, Furiosa’s age, the sickness, birth defects, the old world, War Boys’ half-life, Mad Max’s story, used as a blood bag, Nux, The Organic Mechanic, family loyalty, Max’s character arc, Max’s back story, cult mentality, Nux’s character arc, silver spray, supernatural bait-and-switch (according to Devon), The Myth of Mad Max, post apocalyptic Robin Hood, Mad Max: The Wasteland, Max’s car, Futurama Quote, what Devon learned