Episode 056: Jurassic Recap

Recorded June 17th, 2015

This episode contains: Running from dinosaurs, name for baby dinos?, group of dinos?, Steven’s anti-vax story, SFP Ep. 36 (for full discussion of vaccines), arguing with true believers, “Gish Gallop,” defining terms for an argument, emotional based argument.

Nature Watch: Worms detecting Earth’s magnetic field, dividing animals by cute and ugly, up and down using magnetic fields, processing v. detecting magnetic information, fishing with Magneto, men have a better sense of direction (supposedly).


Nano-Nano: Scientist see elements transform at an atomic scale, elements decay into different element observed with electron microscope, fighting cancer, “Hitler’s Poison.”


Games and Movies: E3, Xbox One, personal console history, Xbox remote, Kinect, voice commands, Advanced Warfare, Titanfall, Destiny, Fallout 4, before the Great War, male and female main characters, immortal dog, Max (movie), Jurassic World (overall we liked it), a by the book/no chances taken movie, biggest opening weekend ever, some minor spoilers for Jurassic World, disappointing plot devices, Skinner Box’d dinosaur, product placement parody paradox, trained raptors, call backs to original JP, free range dinos, safaris, woman killed by lion, 4 out of 5, Space Balls, Jupiter Ascending (2 out of 5), Sense 8, Futurama Quote, what Devon learned (nothing), Jurassic Park is scary in the dark…



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