Episode 059: The Martian

Recorded July 8th, 2015

This episode contains: Life choices, Nooooooo!, Star Wars App, engagement, gay marriage ruling, asking for hand in marriage tradition, Devon can be romantic

This Week in Space: Quintuple star system, touching binary stars, method of detection, solar systems with even more stars, if Jupiter was a star


Biological Imperative: Chronological age v. biological age, range in how old someone looks compared to how old they actually are, calculating biological age, ambulance drivers, crappy biological age test online, comparing how people have aged, age in Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence being only 26 (she’s actually only 24 making the point even more)


Science Fiction: Steven takes the test, The Martian, “Science the Sh*t out of this thing,” talking to you like an adult, cast of movie, the forgettable Jupiter Ascending, spoiler for The Martian, Prometheus 2, non-traditional story telling, facial hair and bathing, other Mars movies, Futurama Quote, what Steven learned.