Episode 062: Technological Breakthroughs

This episode contains: Temporary new host, guest host, Reel Stupid Podcast, Twilight, target demo, creepiness of Twilight, Miles from Tomorrowland, sci-fi kids show, Star Wars for kids, Red Letter Media (Devon calls it Red Band),

This Week in Space: New space plane, Stratolaunch, larges airplane ever, space ports, past SFP mistakes, Space X, Virgin Galactic, 6 engines and 28 landing gear wheels, commercial space travel, Seveneves by Neal Stephenson, prioritizing space travel, politics and government waist, how much would we spend to go to space, comfortable space travel, quicker travel, space travel always cost prohibitive?, space mining, Moon,


Sci-Fi: Biggest technological breakthrough in the near future, self-driving vehicles, commuting, less traffic, no need to own a car, bad driving sampling error, Google car accidents, driving freedom, safer motorcycles, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, brain implants, privacy, VR games and porn, increased productivity, 8 x 8 = 64 (we were both way off), living off the BS Podcast Network, Steven is the hardest worker in the network, Bubba’s super powers, what sci-fi technology do you want right now?, lightsaber not as useful as it might seem, Cracked’s Adventures in Jedi Training School http://www.cracked.com/series/adventures-in-jedi-school/, years of lightsaber training, people in the Star Wars universe should treat lightsabers like guns, anyone is allowed to use a lightsaber, transporters, no driving, live anywhere, manufacturing and distribution, fixing the CA drought, space travel, transporter range, interdimensional travel, transporter paradox, wormholes, Old Man’s War by John Scalzi, Fantastic 4, real teleportation, quantum bit, transporter accidents in Star Trek, evil Kirk, Futurama quote, what Ben learned.

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