Episode 066: Via Periscope

This episode contains: Mics, webcams, no pants deposition, crap on a potato

 Biological Imperative: Will the Pronoun I Become Obsolete?, bacteria cells, the collective me, size of cells, eggs as cells, Star Trek amebas, “holobiont,” “hologenome,” evolution on micro-biome, holo = whole and entire, diseases and hologenome/holobiont


 Nature Watch: UCSB, Something to Crow About, crows using tools and passing on knowledge, crow school, crows observing other crows, testing age, Biological Imperative reprise, largest cell usually cited as ostrich egg, larger cells: nerve cell in giant squid and giraffes


 Sci-fi: beer, 805, pumpkin flavor, Devon hates his headphones (seriously!!!), Periscope, Calculating God, thought experiment good – plot development bad, non-humanoid alien, debating the existence of a creator, A Fire Upon the Deep, unique space battles, Forever War, Neuromancer by William Gibson, World War Z, Orphan Black, Canada, great acting, RSP, Mr. 1701, It’s Such a Beautiful Day by Don Hertzfeldt, The Simpsons Couch Gag “Clown in the Dumps,” Futurama Quote, plugs?, Patreon, what Steven learned, anti-jokes