Episode 078: The Earth Collective


This episode contains: Devon may be a little intoxicated, binge watching Rick and Morty, R2 squared and R2 ring bearer, http://www.r2d2.media-conversions.net/, Devon has a lot of free time apparently, Rick and Morty = Futurama + Archer + Back to the Future, scale and grading system issues, tease for interview

Biomechanics: standing v. sitting, pro-standing studies, burning fat, Devon bought his own standing desk, being active at work, psychological aspects, pseudoscience and “toxins,” standing desk is not complete crap, health trends, burning calories while standing may not be enough, standing v. actual movement, cons of standing, back problems, varicose veins, overcompensating for drinking diet soda and the application to standing, effect on posture, just sit less, evolution of sitting, bright squares of science, working out is not a silver bullet to sitting all day, taking breaks, Aaron Sorkin type meeting, smoking, we love M&M’s





Interview: The Earth Collective, Michael Troup, Chris Ball the deck hand/fixer, radio show about the future of human society on a distant planet, staying in the light, 15 minutes of entertainment, roles for the show, the importance of social media, how The Earth Collective came to be, script v. outline, The Long Line of Cars, multiple characters, unknown history, story arcs, score for each episode, great production quality, day jobs, Mike’s voice and accents (holly crap!), District 9, Neil Blomkamp’s Alien 5, classic sci-fi inspirations, Twilight Zone, book tie-ins with the podcast, Devon pimps Steven out for his writing skills, “the greatest sci-fi story you haven’t heard,”



Sci-Fi: Steven really is terrible with names, we give The Earth Collective a 4 or 5 out of 5 and our own show a 1 or 2 out of 5, Terminator: Genisys which Devon actually liked, better than 3 and 4, the twist spoiled in the trailer is not that big of a deal, assimilation, quality of time travel story, topical issues in Terminator, plot holes, Devon gives Genisys a 3 out of 5, T3: 2 out of 5, T4: 1 out of 5, Steven didn’t read anymore Dune, Devon watched the movie and couldn’t believe how bad it was, Futurama quote, anti-joke


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