Episode 110: Orbital Obfuscation

This episode contains: Independence Day, fireworks, buying guns and bongs, Blue Apron, Tinkle Bell Peppers, Kurzgesagt In a Nut Shell

This Week in Space #1: Origin of Mars’ Moons, captured asteroids, impact with Mars, geological composition, inside gas giants, Juno Mission


This Week in Space #2: problems with space junk, testing satellite to collect space junk, Remove Sat, testing three different methods, cascade possibility,



Sci-Fi: Fallout 4, being angry at people for being tired, reading a lot of books, Red Rising, more like Hunger Games (but still awesome), MINOR SPOILERS, the appeal of stories that take place in schools, Independence Day: Resurgence, 3 out of 5 from Devon, alien technology, interesting things introduced but not developed, typical climax, “big dumb sequel to a big dumb sci-fi movie,” Mr. Robot, Fight Club elements, bad guy story arch, wiping out the world’s debt, what might happen next season, Futurama quote, shower thought

https://www.youtube.com/user/Kurzgesagt <– Watch all of these!


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