Episode 128: The Science Hole

Thus episode contains: Chatting off air, Hailee Steinfeld, trip to Mexico, scuba diving, honeymoon, bad at vacations, cashing out vacation time, working fast, worrying about work, work begets more work, Big (movie), not working too hard, technology has made us more productive

Geology Rocks! Earth’s deepest water, 620 miles is far?, how deep is the ocean?, diamonds, inclusions, deepest evidence of water in the planet, not an ocean, origin of water on Earth, deepest humans have gone into the Earth


Robot Overlords: robot toddlers, how babies learn, toddlers are constantly learning, neural networks, testing parameters


Westworld: timeline, different periods in the show, Turing test, The Bicameral Mind, non-liner story telling, Man in Black, The Maze, Maeve, why use this tech for Westworld, the outside world, robot slaves, The Singularity, later seasons, what’s in store for the last ep?, kill off Ford?


Q&A: Where does our atmosphere end?


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