Episode 134: Highway Madness

This episode contains: We get things started with a discussion (argument) about what to call it when movies are available to view at home. So far 2017 hasn’t been too exciting, but there’re things to look forward to. Steven is still talking about Lego Dimensions. Steven’s power went out for avoidable reasons and Devon doesn’t trust auto debit.

Road Rage: Carpooling algorithm used to improve traffic. MIT studied taxies in Manhattan to determine how carpooling/ride sharing can be made more efficient. Devon then describes his experience with Uber Pool and contemplates how they determine who should carpool together. We finish this segment with a rendition of Piano Man…


Brain Matters: How to become a “superager.” This is someone over 60 who has the mental acuity of a 25 year-old. Scientists studied fMRI’s of both populations to determine the differences in their brains. The results were somewhat surprising and leads to an explanation of the history of neurology. Lastly we learn, theoretically, how to become a “Superager” (it’s not easy).


Sci-Fi: Devon shows off his Simpsons knowledge before we get into the sci-fi. Steven has finished The OA so we discuss the time we wasted with the show. There are SPOILERS for The OA, but that no big deal because there’s not much to spoil. But we do acknowledge that some people liked it. We then talk about sci-fi movies coming out in 2017 including Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Alien: Covenant, Star Wars: Episode VIII, War for the Planet of the Apes, Ghost in the Shell, Transformers: The Last Knight, Justice League, The Dark Tower (SPOILERS), Kong: Skull Island, Logan, Thor: Ragnarok, Spiderman: Homecoming, God Particle, Life, and Flatliners. We then end by talking about Ellen Page movies (Hard Candy, Tallulah, and Super).

This episode was already way too long so no question this time. Check back next week!