Episode 143: Old Man Logan

This episode contains: We start off talking about taxes… stay with us, it gets better. We also find out just how lazy Devon really is. Steven then tells us about his upcoming trip to the middle of nowhere. This happens to be the same middle of nowhere where Devon was offered a job after law school.

Get Physical!: Scientists have created a new form of matter: a time crystal. We discuss what a crystal is and how these are the same, but with time.


Biologically Speaking: Computer operating system and more stored on DNA. Scientists coded an algorithm for video streaming into a code that can be stored as nucleotides in DNA. This was then actually made into DNA and then read off the DNA by a computer. We then consider whether you can put messages into “junk DNA.”


Night at the Movies: (Actually, we first find out that there are dog fiction books… lots of them. And they’re mostly religious.) We saw Logan! SPOILERS. We discuss what was more emotional, the death of Han or Logan? We then talk about just how rated R this movie was. We look at some of the back story eluded to but never fully explained in the movie. Also, comic books in a comic book movie? Interesting. We also look at what could happen next. R rated comic book movies seem to be working out but we still don’t want to see R rated Marvel movies.

Devon also saw The Girl With All the Gifts, which we both read awhile ago. Devon felt the same way about the movie as he did about the book: good for a zombie story (he doesn’t really like zombie stories.) It was a well done movie, and he didn’t realize, or care, about the changing the race of some of the characters. He also saw Get Out. An awesome movie, which, as a white guy, Devon has trouble explaining.

Q&A: Does adamantium actually exist?