Episode 150: World Sphere Recalculation

This episode contains: We get off to a rough start on this science packed episode. Once things are back on track, Steven explains how much he hates traveling. Devon used to think that was lame but is starting to come around. Devon’s wife is baffled that he ever had the motivation to study abroad. Steven tells us about his upcoming trip to Hawaii. Devon then tells how much New Zealand accents make him laugh.

This Week In Space: a new dwarf planet, Dee Dee, makes us question the definition of plant even more. This resurrects the argument of whether Pluto is a planet. We look at the technical definition of what makes a planet a planet and why it’s flawed. Steven explains why people take offence to calling planets’ dwarfs, Devon thinks it’s more about changing a fact most people learned as a kid. Steven proposes “world sphere A” and “world sphere B” to define the objects in our solar system.


Brain Matters: Multitasking overloads the brain. We discuss how “multitasking” is mostly BS. Now a study using movie clips proves this. Our concentration switches between the tasks and ends up making you less efficient at each task. This studies shows multitasking can reduce productivity by up to 40%. We then go on a tangent to talk about an email we got about the coastline paradox and how this can also apply to the surface area of land. Going back to the topic, Devon admits he lost track of the episode while recording a few weeks ago because he was watching baseball.


Sci-Fi: Devon read Last Year by Robert Charles Wilson, writer of the Spin trilogy (great trilogy). This book is very different. People from our near future make a stable link to the late 1800s and set up a city for tourism. “It’s like Jurassic Park but instead of dinosaurs, it’s time travel.” Devon is now reading the new Star Wars: Thrawn book. So far, so good. Devon also talks about the quality of the audio production of the audio book. We then talk about the show: Colony. Also so far, so good. May need to be a little grittier. Devon also mentions The Left Overs, which he will not continue to watch since he learned it was created by David Lindelof (Lost, Prometheus). Devon also won’t watch the new Alien movie because of David Lindelof, even though he didn’t write this one.



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