Episode 158: Free Willy is a LIE

This episode contains: Devon is buying a condo, and we chat about how difficult it is to sign your WHOLE NAME. So much mortgage talk, you should probably fast-forward through it. Steven is still working on his car, and Devon visits Texas!

The Sea be a Harsh Mistress: Great White Sharks have been washing ashore in Africa with certain organs removed. Turns out that Orcas may be to blame. We talk about this and why Jaws hasn’t has a reboot yet. Devon then talks about what Steven calls a fever-dream: Shark’s Tale.


Oh no, we’re all going to die, some more: A huge chunk of the Antarctic ice shelf is melting. 300,000 square miles in fact. We talk about glaciologists and the potential sea rise if all of this ice melts. Steven talks about his “wobbling trend” theory and the duo prepare for Waterworld.


SciFi: Steven has been reading! Finally! He talks about “The Aeronaut’s Windlass” the new book by Jim Butcher. We talk about the buzz around Spider-Man: Homecoming and how Marvel has retroactively added Peter Parker to Iron Man 2. We end the show chatting about how Ron Howard will indeed helm the young Han Solo movie.


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