Episode 164: They’ve Gone Off Book

This episode contains: Our duo open this episode with way too much talk about Wayne’s World (or perhaps too little, depending on your thoughts about the naked Indian), and dig into what happened to Mike Meyers.

This Week in Space: Before the space talk, Steven brings up an article that he isn’t going to talk about, right before he proceeds to talk about it. At length. Think of it as bonus knowledge. When he finally gets into it, he talks about nanocraft from Breakthough Starshot, which are tiny satellites that will one day be sent to Alpha Centauri.


Step back, bro: After some Seinfield shenanigans, Devon gets into dopamine and fruit flies. Turns out that dopamine has a lot to do with the proximity that fruit flies want to be around each other. Kinda like body odor. Or so they tell me.


The Problem with Digital Media: Oh boy. Steven really got on his soapbox about this one. It started out as a chat about Disney and Netflix parting ways and ends with Steven screaming about paying for advertising or something. At any rate, he thinks he’s figured out how to solve digital media distribution, so it if turns out he’s right, the proof is right here future-lawyers.

Rick and Morty: We talk about the first 3 episodes of the 3rd season! Oooo-eeeee Rick and Morty are back!

Game of Thrones: We talk GoT and time. Like, how can so many characters move so quickly around Westeros? Steven breaks it down to all the travel time being “off-screen” and it all makes sense. To him at least. Devon agrees that the Dragon stuff made for awesome TV, but wasn’t “logistically pleasing”. *eye roll*