Episode 166: LEGO Volcano

This episode contains: On this episode: Devon is unfaithful, we talk about the podcast Serial, more BoJack is coming out!

Geology Rocks: NASA has a plan to prevent the super volcano in Yellowstone from erupting, and harnessing the energy at the same time, this will cost $3.46 Billion, super volcanoes are BIG, how much destruction would a super volcano cause?, how much energy could we get out of this plan, the benefits of volcanoes


Sci-Fi: Lego is hinting at a new Star Wars LEGO set that will be the biggest ever, it’s very likely a new Millennium Falcon, how are we going to buy one?, a picture of the new Falcon leaked from China, there are knock-off LEGO sets, what is the resale value of LEGO?, Devon has “other life things” going on, Devon missed out on the LEGO Saturn V (or did he?), Devon learned why not to buy cheap clothes online from China, we the talk about two new vehicles from The Last Jedi, strange new walker and a very flat boring Star Destroyer, Hoth Battle 2.0, “The Finalizer” is a stupid name, are there any Resistance capital sips?, Devon played Swords and Sorcery.


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