Episode 173: Replicants and Gunslingers

This episode contains: We talk about the Northern California Fires, mostly because Devon is nearby and has been somewhat affected. We also give praise for the new Netflix show “Big Mouth” and talk about Jen not wanting Devon to watch the show.

Mysterious Mysteries: Devon reports that mysterious radioactive particles have been detected in parts of Europe. We, along with officials, have no idea where they’re coming from or what they’re from, but Devon believes it would make a cool X-Files episode.


This Week in Space: Steven tells us about Haumea and how we detected a ring around the centaur. Speaking of centaurs, it’s not just a mythical creature, our solar system is full of them!


Movie Reviews: Steven watched both The Dark Tower and Blade Runner 2049. He gives us reviews of both movies, pointing out the numerous flaws in The Dark Tower and the awesome soundscape that permeates Blade Runner 2049.

The Last Jedi Trailer: A new trailer dropped for The Last Jedi! We (along with every other news outlet) give our summary, review, thoughts and opinions. Steven is still super stoked and Devon is cautiously optimistic.


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