Episode 176: NCC-1031

This episode contains: We’ve got a Star Trek filled episode with a special guest! (BTW, this is an explicit episode) But first, Steven talks about the new Assassins Creed game and Devon watches the World Series. And then we do science!

Biological Imperative: Scientists try to apply natural selection to possible alien life. If some type of replicating molecule is subjected to the same types of environments as life on Earth than we may be able to expect some of the same organs to develop, such as eyes to sense light. Of course we can never know what life on other plants is really like until we discover some.


Star Trek: We have longtime listener Conley (@iotaman1701) on to discuss Star Trek: Discovery. We discuss all the things Discovery is doing that we would never have expected from Star Trek. We talk about the serialized storytelling, violence, language and music. We discuss Mudd’s role in Trek, Section 31, the new take on Klingons, religious fanaticism, not audibly translating the Klingon’s dialogue, The Prime Directive, and all of Spock’s surprise siblings.


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