Episode 187: An Educated Opinion

This episode contains: Another episode, another guest co-host. This week we welcome MJ Taylor, PhD to the podcast! Steven recounts the first time that they met, and she tell us all about being a career student. Plus, she works for the government, so there’s that.

The Flu: MJ Taylor tells us all about how contagious the flu really is. A study was done where college students wore face masks and the amount of influenza was examined. There was more flu virus on the masks when they were just breathing, opposed to coughing or sneezing. The study also revealed that participants that had a current flu vaccine were more contagious than those had not received one.


Type A: Steven gives us the run down on what it means to be a “Type A” personality. Turns out, it was created by big tobacco to blame heart attacks and cancer on a “type of person” rather than their cigarettes. Tobacco companies funded several studies and spent millions trying to find any reason why people were getting sick OTHER than by smoking their cigarettes. Guess what the studies revealed?



Black Mirror: We continue our coverage of the best sci-fi television show out there, Black Mirror. We cover the 3rd through 5th episodes (Crocodile, Hang the DJ and Metalhead). We cover the basic plots of each, and there are some spoilers. We even discover that there may be something meta going on in the Black Mirror “universe.”

Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)

Utopia/Dystopia: Would infallible information about your genetic dispositions cause a utopia or dystopia? We discuss.


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